Leilani Munter Joins The Intervention

Leilani Munter on the job.

Leilani Munter isn’t afraid to call herself a “tree hugger.”

Although she might be known as a racecar driver that has raced for the Indy Pro Series, ARCA Series, NASCAR and more, Munter is quick to refer to her real passion in life: environmentalism.

Racing and green living may not seem to go hand-in-hand, however Munter has created a balance between the two and she’s intent on changing the way eco-friendly behavior is perceived in the public sphere.

Philippe Cousteau Jr. Joins The Intervention

Philippe Cousteau shows oil on his fingertips during the BP Oil Spill.

Philippe Cousteau Jr. may come from a long line of environmentalists, but he doesn’t rest on his family’s laurels.

Boating Oil Spills Can Be Wiped Out With Education, Says Study By Los Angeles Sustainability Collaborative

Boating is a popular pastime in sunny Southern California, but it comes at a high price. It's also a cause of major oil contamination along the region's beaches. 

According to a recent report produced by the Los Angeles Sustainability Collaborative, there is a solution to this problem -- proactive education.

Renewables 100 Policy Institute Joins The Intervention

What would the world look like if all the renewable energy projects that aimed for 100 percent of that area's energy needs were charted on a map?

It'd probably look a lot different than the map on this site.

As a kind of friendly antithesis to Counterspill, this interactive map by the Renewables 100 Policy Institute showcases energy projects across the globe working toward replacing 100 percent of non-renewable energy sources with renewable ones.