BREAKING: BP's Methanol Spill In Alaska

As much as 4,200 gallons of production fluids spilled in North Slope, Alaska during the weekend of July 16 and 17.

According to the AP, pipes located under a road burst after workers conducted a valve test, spilling its contents into nearby gravel, tundra and soil. Officials are currently investigating what went wrong at the site. 

DEVELOPING: Exxon Mobil Pipeline Ruptures In Montana's Yellowstone River


Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer is threatening a lawsuit against Exxon Mobil if cleanup promises are not met.

On July 8, Schweitzer held a meeting with community members, announcing his frustration with the oil company's response, reports Reuters. He told a crowd of 150 people that his office would "hold them liable in court" if Exxon's representatives do not cooperate with government officials.

Oil Tanker Leak Becomes New Zealand's 'Most Significant Environmental Maritime Disaster'

An oil tanker accident off the coast of New Zealand has caused what some describe as the country's largest oil spill disaster. 

The Rena, a Liberian-flagged oil tanker, began to leak oil on Oct. 5 after it ran aground on the Astrolabe Reef. Since then, the ship has leaked at least 390 tons of oil into New Zealand's Bay of Plenty. Heavy seas have threatened to further destroy the ship, which could send more oil into the sea. 

New Oil Spill Technology Cleans Four Times Faster Than Industry Standard

A team of oil spill response experts found a way to skim oil out of water at a pace four times beyond the industry standard. 

Elastec/American Marine, an Illinois-based oil response company, participated in a competition organized by the X Prize Foundation to revolutionize oil spill technology and won its $1.4 million prize.

He Said, BP Said: How The Gulf Of Mexico Wasn't 'Made Right'

As BP continues to scale back cleanup efforts on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, some are blaming BP of a different kind of negligence -- that of the people affected by the spill. The Times-Picayune reported on Ted Jackson's change of heart over the past year.

As the owner of Alabama's Cajun Fishing Adventures Lodge, he had built up an amiable relationship with the oil company.

In Addition To BP, Random Spills Total Three Exxon Valdez-sized Disasters

Besides last year's oil spill by BP rig Deepwater Horizon, an investigative report by CBS News reported that the amount of oil and toxic spillage accumulated from a multitude of small spills around the world could total the equivalent of three Exxon Valdez-size disasters.

The report showed at least 6,500 spills, leaks, fires or explosions occurred at wells and pipelines nationwide in 2010.

Mike Sawyer, an oil and gas safety expert, told CBS that they're happening all the time. 

BREAKING: ExxonMobil Oil Pipeline Bursts In Arkansas; 80,000 Gallons Spilled

Officials are examining how an ExxonMobil pipeline carrying a highly concentrated crude oil ruptured on Friday, spilling at least 80,000 gallons of oils into central Arkansas.

The spill has been labeled "major" by the Environmental Protection Agency.

As of Saturday afternoon, 189,000 gallons of oil and water have been recovered with cleanup actions continuing through Monday. Twenty-two homes have been evacuated.