UN: $1 Billion Needed To Restore Niger Delta After 50 Years Of Shell Oil Pollution

The United Nations has announced Royal Dutch Shell is responsible for over $1 billion in damage to the Niger Delta.

According to the UN Environment Programme's report, the extensive ecological damage could take at least 30 years to recover. 

Ibrahim Thiaw, a UN official, told Democracy Now how the money would be used. 

25 Years Later, Funding Issues Plague Chernobyl's Recovery Efforts

Russian and Ukrainian leaders met at the decommissioned Chernobyl power plant today to honor the 25th anniversary of its nuclear disaster.

According to UPI, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev spoke before a the groundwork for a statue dedicated to the thousands of cleanup and response workers -- known as "liquidators" -- that responded to the disaster. He told the crowd:

RESTORE Act To Deal Out Penalty Funds To Gulf Coast States [INFOGRAPHIC]

Billions of dollars will soon be funneled to restore the economic and ecological health of Gulf Coast states.

On July 6, President Obama signed the RESTORE Act which will dedicate 80 percent of the final settlement from BP and others responsible for the 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico to Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, Texas and Alabama.

BP and others found to be negligent may pay between $5 and $21 billion in Clean Water Act fines. Of that amount, the RESTORE Act says 80 percent must go to Gulf Coast states.