New Interactive Documentary Captures America's Love Affair With Coal

A screenshot of the web-based film, "Coal: A Love Story."

Environmental concerns, economical contradictions, and social ties give America's coal industry an endless variety of perspectives -- making it a daunting story to be told.

TVA Pays Up By Closing Coal Plants, Shifting To Renewable Energy Sources

The 2008 coal ash flood may have cast a long shadow on the Tennessee Valley Authority’s tactics, but the association has recently begun to pursue more sustainable methods of cultivating power.

As part of a court settlement, the TVA said it plans to pay $10 million in fines for violations to the federal Clean Air Act and shut down 18 of its dirtiest coal-fired power plants within the next six years.

Wash. Groups Go Beyond The Burn to Fight Coal Pollution

In the coastal regions of Washington state, environmental groups are fighting a new proposal to ship coal from their shores.

Peabody Energy is asking for permits to build a $500 million terminal to sell and ship coal to China. Due to industrialization and manufacturing growth, China is building coal power plants at an increasing speed and need more of the resource than ever before.

Obama Administration Delays Keystone XL Decision

On Nov. 10, the Obama administration announced a decision to study alternative routes for the controversial Keystone XL pipeline, a move that delays the approval process until after the 2012 election. 

Due to "a number of concerns have been raised through a public process," President Obama said he felt the decision, which was originally scheduled to be delivered this month, requires more time and research.  

Climate Talks Begin In South Africa

Several thousand delegates from 194 countries have traveled to Durban, South Africa to discuss climate change initiatives and debate the extension of the Kyoto Protocol. 

The United Nations Climate Change Conference, or COP17, opened with a keynote address by Jacob Zuma, president of South Africa. After discussing the droughts and perceptible climate change seen in Africa, he urged his fellow world leaders to remove politics from their decisions. 

Thousands Protest U.N. Climate Summit; Emission Cap Talks Plagued By Indecision

Thousands protested against the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Durban, South Africa as issues under debate at the summit remain unsolved.

Representatives from organizations such as Oxfam, Jubilee South, Center for Civil Society, and numerous others joined together on Dec. 5 to create a thousands-strong protest march through the streets outside the conference hall. 

Tennessee Valley Authority Pushes For Nuclear Energy After Ash Spill

Tennessee Valley Authority's chief operating officer Bill McCollum briefed the TVA board of directors on the utility's plans for future nuclear operations, just one month after the Japan disaster.

According to The Chattanoogan, McCollum told directors "safety is TVA's top priority" in designing the plants, and will incorporate lessons learned from Japan while they continue to unfold.

After Decade-Long Battle, Two Chicago Coal Plants To Be Closed

Two high-polluting coal plants in Chicago will be closed down years earlier than previously expected due to pressure by environmental groups and city officials. 

Midwest Generation made agreements with Mayor Rahm Emanuel and organizations within the Chicago Clean Power Coalition Wednesday to shut the two plants down rather than invest in costly upgrades. 

Must Watch Docs: Five Thought-Provoking Energy Films For Summer

It's movie season! There are tons of blockbusters opening this summer, but we're proposing something different.

Instead of going to yet another overcrowded opening weekend, why not search out a documentary about renewable energy?

Not normally interested in documentaries, you say? Well you're in luck: We've selected five films based on five popular genres. Whether you're into horror or action/adventure or mystery, there's a new release that'll suit your tastes and expand your mind.



Gasland: Part 2

Examining The State Department's Keystone XL Pipeline Report

A State Department report on the controversial Keystone XL pipeline released last week has been lauded as a green light for construction. However, further research into the document has cast a shadow on its positive interpretation. 

Economic benefits?