Must Watch Docs: Five Thought-Provoking Energy Films For Summer

It's movie season! There are tons of blockbusters opening this summer, but we're proposing something different.

Instead of going to yet another overcrowded opening weekend, why not search out a documentary about renewable energy?

Not normally interested in documentaries, you say? Well you're in luck: We've selected five films based on five popular genres. Whether you're into horror or action/adventure or mystery, there's a new release that'll suit your tastes and expand your mind.



Gasland: Part 2

Josh Fox's "Gasland: Part 2" continues where "Gasland" left off: in the terrifyingly controversial world of hydraulic fracturing -- or "fracking" -- for natural gas. This one focuses on three states in particular: Texas, Wyoming and Pennsylvania. It features truly unsettling accusations from residents near fracking sites as well as some gruesome accusations about why more isn't being done against unsafe practices (surprise, surprise: it may have to do with someone's money in someone else's pocket). Screenings are currently available at selected theaters around the country and it will be shown on HBO on July 8.



Drill Baby Drill

What's causing tufts of hair to fall off of cows in the northeastern United States? Why is there weapons-grade Uranium in Pennsylvania's drinking water? Could these symptoms be coming to Poland? You might already know the answer to these questions, but the mystery plays out powerfully in "Drill Baby Drill" by Lech Kowalski. There are various screenings being held all over the place for this one, so following the filmmaker's blog is probably your best bet!




Narrated by actor Ewan McGregor, "Charge" is a classic underdog story that asks a surprising question: could motorcycles promote clean energy? The answer is, apparently, yes. The doc follows a team of inventors and engineers who create electric motorcycles… and race them at extremely high speeds. It might be refreshing to see an energy documentary that makes your heart pound with excitement rather than anger. Although this documentary was made a few years back, its theatrical release was only about a month ago. Check out the documentary's website for future details regarding its release!



Dirty Energy

Three years after the Deepwater Horizon disaster, a new documentary profiles the state of affairs straight from the accounts of Louisiana residents. Although much of the recent coverage of this disaster has revolved around its legal and financial damage, this film focuses more on the personal. Viewers are granted access to the painful emotional toll of this disaster and the human cost of non-renewable energy. It's now available on DVD.


True Crime

Bidder 70

Who knew an auction house could serve as a setting for one of the greatest displays of civil disobedience for environmentalism in recent history? Follow Tim DeChristopher's journey through the legal system after he bid on parcels of land worth $1.8 million to save them from oil and gas exploitation. The view of our justice system isn't a pretty one. Check out the website to find a summer screening near you!