Brazil: Chevron Gave "False Information" On Oil Spill

After delivering a $28 million fine to Chevron for an oil spill that occurred earlier this month, Brazil is threatening more action due to the oil company allegedly falsifying and withholding information on that spill. 

Magda Chambriard of Brazil's National Oil Agency said Chevron impeded disaster response by editing video images pictures of oil spill damage and releasing "false information" on available cleanup technology. 

"[Chevron] acted in complete violation of its concession contract and Brazilian law," she said, according to The Wall Street Journal

Chevron has accepted responsibility for the spill, however company officials have denied any wrongdoing. George Buck, director of Chevron's Brazil operations, told Al-Jazeera that "any oil on the surface is unacceptable to Chevron" and the oil company is cooperating with Brazil "in all aspects of the matter." 

An investigation is currently underway. If found at fault, Chevron's drilling license may be canceled and the company could face up to $139 million in fines. 

The oil spill was first detected near Chevron's Frade oil well project on Nov. 9. Brazilian officials say between 2,400 and 3,000 barrels of oil seeped into the Atlantic Ocean before the leak was sealed on Nov. 15. 

Carlos Minc, environment secretary of Rio de Janeiro, said the disaster wouldn't have happened if the proper information was available.

"This incident could have been avoided. Rio will in no way be a stage for environmental impunity," he said, as quoted by Reuters.