Read Up: Great Articles On Cleveland East Ohio Gas Explosion

A huge, natural gas blast in Cleveland Ohio took the lives of at least 130 people in 1944. The disaster was later determined to be completely preventable and due to faulty design. 

Read more about the lives affected by the blast in the hand-selected articles below. 


"'I Knew Everything Was Gone' -- The East Ohio Gas Explosion"

By Grant Segall, Plain Dealer

Fifty years after the disaster, survivors -- from plant workers to neighbors -- tell their stories. 


"Are We Being Attacked? The East Ohio Gas Co. Explosion"

By the Cleveland State University Department of History

In this digital exhibition, the story of the gas explosion is told through pictures and personal accounts. A noteable contextual detail included in this story is how the disaster occurred during war-time - which lead some to believe it to be an attack by international enemies. 


"October 20, 1944: We Didn't Start The Fire -- Gas Did"

By Max Greenberg, Wildlife Promise

This explosion is not such an outlier. Over 70 natural gas and fuel pipeline incidents have occured in Ohio over the past decade.