Read Up: Great Articles On Amoco Cadiz

Up until that date, the Amoco Cadiz was the largest spill of its time. Oil from the spill covered hundreds of miles of coastline and killed much of the ecosystem in its path. A contentious legal battle over compensation resulted in multiple cleanup delays over the span of a decade. 

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"Spills: A Matter Of Liability"

By Sheila Toomey, Anchorage Daily News

Using the Amoco Cadiz as a case study, this article explores the full history of tanker accidents at the time of the spill and describes what it's like for the neighboring communities of these disasters. 


"Viewpoint: Assessing The Amoco Cadiz Oil Spill"

By Douglas M. Costle, Schenectady Gazette

In this first-hand account of the disaster, the reader is introduced to what was seen at the scene itself. Costle not only tells of his own impressions of the spill, but those of interviewed experts.


"Settlement Attempt In Amoco Cadiz Spill"

By Michael Arndt, Chicago Tribune

It took over a decade, but the legal battle over the cost of the spill finally came to a close in 1990. What made them finally cough up the cash? A big reminder in the form of the Exxon Valdez, which occurred in 1989. 


"Estimating The Cost Of Oil Spills: Lessons From The Amoco Cadiz Incident"

By Thomas A. Grigalunas, Robert C. Anderson, Gardner M. Brown, Jr., Richard Congar, Norman F. Meade, and Philip E. Sorensen for Marine Resource Economics 

Perhaps the trickiest science for oil companies is not how to stop making oil spills but how to stop paying for them. In this peer-reviewed paper, these researchers explore how this disaster paved the way for others to make monetary estimates of environmental havoc. 


"Amoco Cadiz Mess Is Mostly Financial: Oil Spill Nears Its 10th Anniversary"

By Michael Arndt, Chicago Tribune

Indeed, although 10 years did a lot for the recovery of the region, figuring out the financial responsibility for the mess was a messy thing.